CTSI Pilot Project Awards

The UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute provides intramural awards to support the growth of interdisciplinary and investigator-initiated clinical and translational research across UF’s broad range of scientific disciplines. It is expected that all research supported by CTSI pilot project awards will result in one or more publications in a peer-reviewed journal and will provide critical preliminary data to support extramural applications.

CTSI Pilot Award applications will be announced in this space as well as in the weekly Quick Links newsletter. In addition to CTSI Pilot Awards, the CTSI collaborates on other pilot opportunities, also announced on this page as available:

  • Translational pilot projects designed to impact practice-based healthcare, hospital care or the translational research process;
  • Collaborative translational communication research, in which transdisciplinary teams conduct original research related to the design, dissemination or evaluation of translational communication messages used to make research more accessible, understandable and actionable.

Active pilot RFAs are listed below. Please check back for additional RFAs. See CTSI Pilot Project Awardees for a list of projects funded since 2008. This Pilot Grantwriters Toolkit is available as a resource to assist you.

Open Requests for Applications

2018 UF Informatics Institute and UF CTSI Big Data in Health Sciences Pilot Awards

The UF Informatics Institute and UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute are jointly funding a second pilot opportunity to continue fostering collaborative momentum and catalytic projects in areas of interest identified during the CTSI-UFII Fall 2017 Roundtable Series.

This RFA will support multidisciplinary pilot projects involving collaborators from two or more colleges that advance the development of novel methods, techniques or technologies with the potential to accelerate high-impact opportunities for “big data” integration and analytics in two areas:

  • Precision medicine: integration of datasets and development of analytic approaches with the potential to yield new clinical or biological insights that could inform the development of more precise diagnosis, treatment or prevention approaches at the individual level.
  • Precision public health: integration of datasets and development of analytic approaches with the potential to enable more precise identification of communities at risk for health disparities and yield new insights that could inform the development or delivery of evidence-based interventions tailored to a community’s needs.

Application deadline: Wednesday, December 5, 2018, by 5 p.m.

To promote this call, UFII-CTSI are sponsoring a Collaboration Event on November 7, 2018. At least one faculty member from your applicant team will be required to attend the event. You can register online here.

For application instructions and available funding details, please visit the Informatics Institute website here.

Closed Requests for Applications

2018 CTSI Pilot Awards

The Fall 2018 CTSI Pilot RFA supports a full spectrum of clinical and translational research. Three types of 18-month awards are available through this RFA: Trainee (up to $7,500 per award), Junior Faculty (up to $20,000 per award), and Novel Methods and Technologies (up to $25,000 per award).

We recently revised our pilot process, combining two types of awards (patient-oriented and non-patient oriented) into one.

View the 2018 RFA here >

2018 SECIM Pilot & Feasibility Program

The Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics (SECIM) requests applications for 12-month pilot projects. Awards are intended to support projects that will provide preliminary data for new extramural grant application submissions. The review process will emphasize innovation and the potential of the work to have a significant impact on an important research problem.