Pilot Project Awardees

Below are the recipients of CTSI Pilot Project Awards. Funding is typically made in three categories: Trainees, Junior Faculty, and Novel Methods and Technologies. Occasionally special categories are added for a particular funding cycle. In each case, awards are for one year. Due to the number of major initiatives funded late in 2009, no awards were made during calendar year 2010.

From 2008-2014, the CTSI competitively awarded 125 pilot grants totaling $2.2 million to assist investigators and trainees in the development of pilot data to demonstrate the feasibility of new approaches for research and care that can be translated into external funding applications. Following their pilot awards, recipients have published 856 papers, had 209 protocols approved by the IRB, and received 601 external grants with funding of $101.7 million.

Congratulations to all the recipients!

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 DepartmentCollegeYearTypeProject Title

Amy Mobley, PhD, RD
Health Education and BehaviorHealth and Human Performance2018Novel Technologies and MethodsDevelopment and Usability Testing of a Mobile App to Educate Parents of 0- to 2-year-olds About Optimal Early-Childhood Feeding Practices

Naohiro Terada, PhD
PathologyMedicine2018Novel Technologies and MethodsA Drug Discovery Platform for X-linked Disorders Using Female iPSCs

Sarah M. Judge, PhD
Physical TherapyPublic Health and Health Professions2018Junior FacultyThe Role of Connective Tissue Growth Factor in Cancer-induced Muscle Pathologies

Joseph A. McQuail, PhD
NeuroscienceMedicine2018Junior FacultyHeteromeric NMDA Receptors in Brain Aging and Disease

Kristianna Fredenburg, MD, PhD
Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory MedicineMedicine2018Junior FacultyInvestigating the Functional Role of Differentially Expressed MicroRNAs from Black Compared with White Laryngeal Cancers

Leslie S. Gaynor, MS
Clinical and Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions2018TraineeNetwork Connectivity Signatures of Cognitive Aging: Using the Functional Connectome to Create a Translational Bridge

Sara Humes, PhD
Environmental and Global HealthPublic Health and Health Professions2018TraineeAssociations Between Lipid Markers and Respiratory Infection Status in Human Sputum Samples

Trisha Kissoon, MD
Pediatric Hematology and OncologyMedicine2018TraineeUsing Pharmacogenomics Testing to Optimize Care in Children with Cancer

Ashleigh Weyh, DMD, MPH
Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryMedicine2018TraineeMultidisciplinary Computed Tomography Ordering Pathway for Odontogenic Infections

Amir Ghasemi, PhD
Infectious Diseases and ImmunologyVeterinary Medicine2018TraineeVaccines to Protect Mice Against Infections with Helicobacter pylori

Iqbal Mahmud, MS
Biomedical ScienceMedicine2018TraineeMulti-omics Approach to Elucidate the Metabolome Alteration in Children with Malnutrition in the Development of Clinical Intervention

Angelina Bernier, MD
PediatricsMedicine2018ClinicalEvaluating an Innovative Web App for New-Onset Diabetes Education (NODE)

Muna Canales, MD
Nephrology, Hypertension, & Renal TransplantationMedicine2018Clinical Validation of Continuous Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Faheem Guirgis, MD, FACEP
Emergency MedicineMedicine2018ClinicalThe LIPid Intensive Drug Therapy for Sepsis Phase 1 Clinical Trial (LIPIDS-1) Trial

Coy Heldermon, MD, PhD
OncologyMedicine2018ClinicalInvestigating Biomarkers of Chronic Stress as a Tool in Medical Student Well-Being

Orit Shechtman, PhD, OTR/L
Occupational TherapyPublic Health and Health Professions2018ClinicalGrip Strength as a Proxy Measure of Health Status in Children

Naykky Singh Ospina, MD
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Medicine2018ClinicalPatients' Expectations About the Need for Thyroid Biopsy and Their Effect on Clinical Practice

Raju Reddy, MD
Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineMedicine2018ClinicalPilot Study of Molecular Signatures in Acute Respiratory Distress Suyndrome: Role of Renin-Angiotensin System (RAS) Peptides as Biomarkers of Prognosis of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Jinying Zhao, MD, PhD
EpidemiologyPublic Health and Health Professions2018ClinicalMetabolic Predictors of Cognitive Decline and Brain Aging in Midlife: A Longitudinal Study in Twins

Josephine Allen, PhD
Materials Science and EngineeringEngineering2018Novel Technologies and MethodologiesDesign and Characterization of a Dynamic Multi-force Bioreactor for Vascular Cell Stimulation

Krista Dulany, MS
Materials Science and EngineeringEngineering2018TraineeInvestigation of Free Radical Scavenging Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
Emergency MedicineMedicine2018Novel Technologies and MethodologiesDevelopment and Validation of a Novel Team Adaptation Measurement System: TEAMS

Allison Goins
EngineeringEngineering2018TraineeInvestigation of Cinnamaldehyde as an Alternative Crosslinking Agent for Protein Based Tissue engineered vascular grafts
Yan Gong, PhDPharmacotherapy and Translational Research Pharmacy2018Novel Technologies and MethodologiesCancer Therapy Induced Cardiotoxicity in the OneFlorida Consortium

Gary Todd, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2018Junior FacultyNon-viral Strategies for Enhancing Liver Directed Gene Therapy

Mark Wallet, PhD
Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory MedicineMedicine2018Novel Technologies and MethodologiesA Novel Tactic to Derive Human T Cells from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Elizabeth Flood-Grady, PhD
STEM Translational Communication CenterJournalism and Communications2018Translational CommunicationEngaging Parents and Adolescent/ Young Adult Stakeholders to Develop a Mental Health Communication Tool

Anne E. Mathews, PhD, RDN
Food Science and Human NutritionIFAS2018Translational CommunicationUnderstanding and Addressing the Barriers to Regularly Accessing a University Campus Food Pantry

Joseph McNamara, PhD
PsychiatryMedicine2018Translational CommunicationWhat is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How Does it Work? Creating an Interactive Video Experience

Ruogu Fang, PhD
Biomedical Engineering Engineering2018UFII-CTSIPrecision Dose: Personalized Radiation Dose Optimization for Multimodal Imaging

Parisa Rashidi, PhD
Biomedical Engineering Engineering2018UFII-CTSIAutomated Integration of Patient-Generated Data with the Electronic Health Record Data

Larisa H. Cavallari, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP
Pharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2018TranslationalGenomic-Guided Pain Management in Patients Undergoing Arthroplasty Surgery

Xinguang "Jim" Chen, MD, PhD
EpidemiologyPublic Health and Health Professions & Medicine2017ClinicalExposure to Secondhand Smoke of Cigarettes and Marijuana in Young Children

William "Troy" Donahoo, MD
Endocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismMedicine2017ClinicalA Randomized Cross-Over Trial of Caloric Restriction vs. Alternate-Day Fasting in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Kathleen Egan, PhD, MS
EpidemiologyPublic Health and Health Professions & Medicine2017ClinicalPilot of a Text Message Intervention to Facilitate Proper Disposal of Prescription Opioids to Prevention Diversion or Misuse

Nosha Farhadfar,
Hematology & OncologyMedicine2017ClinicalEvaluation of Nutrient Intake and Diet Quality in Allogenic and Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Survivors

David Fedele, PhD
Clinical and Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions 2017Translational

Phase 1
Engaging Rural Communities in Asthma Care

Yulia Strekalova, PhD
Graduate Studies and ResearchJournalism and Communications2017Translational

Phase 2
Stakeholder Engagement and Patient Centered Communication in Leukemia

Janice Krieger, PhD
Advertising Journalism and Communications2017Translational

Phase 2
Optimizing Processes and Decisional Support for Consent2Share to Improve Enrollment, Decision Quality, and Participation in Clinical Research

Samsun Lampotang, PhD
Anesthesiology Medicine2017Translational

Phase 2
Pragmatic Clinical Trial of Race-Specific Response to Propofol Infusion Titrated to Effect for Procedural Sedation During Endoscopy

Robert Lucero, PhD, MPH, RN
Family, Community and Health System ScienceNursing2017Translational

Phase 2
Identifying Predictive Algorithms Using Electronic Health Record Data to Inform the Development of a Point-of-Care Early Warning System for Hospital-Acquired Falls

Carla L. Fisher, PhD
AdvertisingJournalism and Communications2016Translational CommunicationUsing the Mother-Daughter Story to Humanize & Enhance Breast Cancer Care: Blending Arts & Sciences in Psychosocial-Oncology Intervention Development

Dominick Lemas, PhD
Health Outcomes & Policy
Faculty, Institute for Child Health Policy
Medicine2016Translational CommunicationRecruitment and Retention of Pregnant and Lactating Mothers for Longitudinal Clinical Microbiome Studies

Nicole Cacho, DO, MPH
PediatricsMedicine2016Translational CommunicationPreparing Parents for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Admission: A Video-Based Educational Module
Tana B. Carson,
Occupational TherapyPublic Health and Health Professions2016Clinical Treatment for Auditory Hyper-Reactivity Behavior in Children with Autism Using Exposure and Response Prevention Principles

Marie Nancy Séraphin, PhD, MPH
Infectious Diseases & Global MedicineMedicine2016ClinicalPost-Immigration Return Trips and Tuberculosis Disease Risk Among Haitians
Bradley J. Wilkes Psychology Liberal Arts & Sciences2016 TraineeMapping the Neural Circuitry of Restricted, Repetitive Behavior: Multimodal Neuroimaging in an Animal Model and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Natalie C Fredette, PhD

PathologyMedicine2016TraineeUtilization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Develop a Novel Screening Method of Hypertension Therapeutics

Sruti Rayaprolu
Neuroscience Medicine2016TraineeElucidating the Role of Atp13a2 in the Development of Neuronal and Peripheral Lysosomal Storage Disease

L. Cody Smith
Physiological SciencesVeterinary Medicine2016TraineeSex- and Cell Type-Specific Gene Expression Analysis in Lungs of Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Tezcan Ozrazgat-Baslanti, PhD
Anesthesiology Medicine2016Junior FacultyA Kidney Early Warning Score (KEWScore) for Assessment of Kidney Health in Hospitalized Patients

Amanda Hicks, PhD
Health Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsMedicine2016Junior FacultyHypertension FACTS: Florida Annotated Corpus for Translational Science A Gold Standard Corpus of Case Reports for Hypertension

Blanka Sharma, PhD
Biomedical Engineering2016Junior FacultyChondroprotective Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Steven Smith, PharmD, MPH
Pharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2016Junior FacultyHypertension Prevalence and Disparities in the OneFlorida Data Trust

Gill Diamond, PhD
Oral BiologyDentistry2016Novel Technologies and Methodologies In Vivo Imaging Method for Rapid Preclinical Screening of Antifungal Drugs in Mice

Leylah Drusbosky, PhD
Hematology & OncologyMedicine2016Novel Technologies and Methodologies Predicting Disease Relapse by Monitoring Circulating Cancer DNA after Chemotherapy in Patients with MDS and AML Patients

Jiang Bian, PhD
Health Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsMedicine2016Translational PilotsDeveloping a Facebook App to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening: Pilot Testing a Social Media Intervention

Yi Guo, PhD
Health Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsMedicine2016Translational PilotsDeveloping a Facebook App to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening: Pilot Testing a Social Media Intervention

Carol Matthews, MD
PsychiatryMedicine2016Translational PilotsIntegrating Pharmacogenomic Testing Into a Child Psychiatry Clinic

Rene Przkora, MD, PhD
AnesthesiologyMedicine2016Translational PilotsBlood Flow Restriction Exercise for Older Adults Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery

Ramzi Salloum, PhD
Health Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsMedicine2016Translational PilotsA Preference-Based Decision Aid for Tobacco Prevention in Adolescent Primary Care

Lindsay Thompson, MD
PediatricsMedicine2016Translational PilotsA Preference-Based Decision Aid for Tobacco Prevention in Adolescent Primary Care

Anna De Benedetto, MD
DermatologyMedicine2015Clinical A Phase 2, Exploratory Study to Investigate Safety and Efficacy of Doxycycline Monohydrate Hydrogel (NANODOX) 1% in Atopic Dermatitis

Fernando Bril, MD
Endocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismMedicine2015Clinical Establishing the Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Across the Spectrum of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Obesity

Michelle Cardel, PhD, RD
Health Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsMedicine2015ClinicalThe Effect of Experimentally Manipulated Social Status on Energy Balance in Youth: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Kristin Dayton, MD
Pediatrics, EndocrinologyMedicine2015ClinicalDeveloping a Novel Screening Strategy in Overweight and Obese Children at Risk for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Lisa Domenico, PhD, RN
EpidemiologyPublic Health and Health Professions, Medicine2015ClinicalIdentifying the Neuro-Circuitry Supporting Impaired Problem Recognition and Relapse in Alcohol Use Disorder using fMRI

Leonardo Ferreira, PhD
Applied Physiology and KinesiologyHealth & Human Performance2015ClinicalRehabilitation Strategies and Mechanisms of Respiratory Muscle Dysfunction in Patients with Heart Failure

Karen Wheeler Hegland, PhD, CCC-SLP
Speech, Language and Hearing SciencesPublic Health and Health Professions2015ClinicalRespiratory Somatosensation in Parkinson’s Disease

Andrew Judge, PhD
Physical TherapyPublic Health and Health Professions2015ClinicalRespiratory Muscle Pathology in Cachectic Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Peter W. Stacpoole, MD, PhD
Endocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismMedicine2015ClinicalA Pilot Study of Rapid Haplotyping Procedure for Personalized Dosing of Dichloroacetate (DCA) in Healthy Volunteers

Xin "Cindy" Qi, PhD
Medicinal ChemistryPharmacy2015ClinicalClinical Study to Dissect Biomarkers of Aging Related Syndrome Sarcopenia

Wajeeh Bajwa, PhD
Regulatory AffairsClinical and Translational Science Institute2015Translational PilotsEvaluation and Assessment of Online Training Programs for Clinical Research Professionals – Reaching towards a Common CTSA Rubric

Linda Behar-Horenstein, PhD
Human Development and Organizational Studies in EducationEducation2015Translational PilotsEvaluation and Assessment of Online Training Programs for Clinical Research Professionals – Reaching towards a Common CTSA Rubric

Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff,
Pharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2015Translational PilotsOptimizing Precision of Hypertension Care to Maximize Blood Pressure Control (OPTI-BP) Pilot

François Modave,
Health Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsMedicine2015Translational PilotsDiafit: A Smart App That Empowers Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Gabrielle Darville,
Health Education and BehaviorHealth and Human Performance2015Translational Communication, TraineeTailoring Persuasive Digital Games to Increase Risk Perception and Uptake of the HPV Vaccine in Male College Students

Jordan Neil,
JournalismJournalism and Communications2015Translational Communication, TraineeGet SCReened: Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening Through Patient-Tailored Technology Project

Samantha Paige, MPH
Health Education & BehaviorHealth and Human Performance2015Translational Communication, TraineeExploring Factors Affecting Recruitment and Retention of Patients with COPD in mHealth Smoking Cessation Interventions: A Mixed-Method Approach

Yulia Strekalova, PhD
Graduate Studies and ResearchJournalism and Communications2015Translational Communication, TraineeiCARE: Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Communication Application for Research Engagement

Nicole Marlow, PhD, MSPH
Health Services Research, Management &amp PolicyPublic Health and Health Professions2015Translational Communication, Junior FacultyAssessing the Value of Patient Reported Outcomes for Enhancing Patient-Provider Communication About Chronic Pain
Magdoom Kulam NajmudeenMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringEngineering2014TraineeMRI Measured Fluid Flows Due to Convection-Enhanced Delivery of Tracer in Rat Brain

Kristina Birnbrauer, PhD
Graduate Studies and ResearchJournalism and Communications2014ClinicalStudying the Effects of Facebook Participation on Diabetes Health Beliefs and Self-Management

Manuela Corti, PT, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2014ClinicalBiomarkers in Friedreich’s Ataxia

Hartmut Derendorf, PhD
PharmaceuticsPharmacy2014ClinicalEffect of Armodafinil on Simulated Driving, Electroencephalogram and Cognitive Performance in Sleep Deprived Healthy Subjects
Issam HamadehPharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2014ClinicalInvestigating the Impact of the CYP2C19*17 Allele on Voriconazole Exposure in Patients with Invasive Fungal Infections

Ann Horgas, RN, PhD
Biobehavioral Nursing ScienceNursing2014ClinicalBiobehavioral Predictors of Persistent Post-Surgical Pain in Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment

Sarah Lynne-Landsman, PhD
Health Outcomes and PolicyMedicine2014ClinicalEstrogen and Brain Development: Outcomes for Girls with Central Precocious Puberty

Leslie Parker, PhD, ARNP
Biobehavioral Nursing ScienceNursing2014ClinicalBiomarkers of Lactogenesis Stage II in Mothers of Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Aliyah Snyder, MS
Clinical and Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions2014ClinicalAerobic Exercise Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: An Investigation of the Effects on BDNF and Neurorecovery

Deepthi Varma, PhD, MPhil, MSW
Epidemiology Public Health and Health Professions, Medicine2014ClinicalEffectiveness of Text Messaging and Reminder Calls to Increase Use of Service Referrals Provided Through Community Outreach

Stacy A. Voils, PharmD, MS
Pharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2014ClinicalBiomarkers for VTE Detected by Calibrated Automated Thrombogram and UPLC-HRMS

Phillip A. Doerfler, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2014TraineeMolecular Approaches to Induce Immune Tolerance and Phenotypic Correction for
Pompe Disease

Yuan Lu, PhD
Orthopaedics & RehabilitationMedicine2014TraineeDevelopment of AAV Vector for Efficient Targeting and Elimination of Osteosarcoma Tumor-Initiating Cells

Gary Todd, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2014TraineeDeveloping AAV9 for Treatment of Cardiomyopathy and Respiratory Insufficiency in
Pompe Disease

Abdullah S. Ahmad, PhD
AnesthesiologyMedicine2014Junior FacultyContribution of the PGD2-DP1 Receptor Axis in Promoting Sleep-Driven
metabolite clearance, and improving stroke outcomes?

Ann Chauffe, DO
RheumatologyMedicine2014Junior FacultyA Disease Modifying Therapy for Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis with Thymosin Beta 4

Darin Falk, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2014Junior Faculty
Plasticity of the Peripheral Nerve and Neuromuscular Junction Following Gene Therapy
in Pompe Disease

Amber Muehlmann, PhD
PsychiatryMedicine2014Junior FacultyBasal Ganglia Pathology and Treatment in a Mouse Model of Obsessive-Compulsive

Nikolett Biel, PhD
PathologyMedicine2014Novel Technologies and Methodologies The Use of Patient- Derived iPSC to Study the PKC-α Gene in Hypertension

Hartmut Derendorf, PhD
PharmaceuticsPharmacy2014Novel Technologies and Methodologies Tigecycline-Tetracycline Co-administration for the Treatment of Pseudomonas

Mansour Mohamadzadeh, PhD
Infectious Diseases & PathologyVeterinary Medicine2014Novel Technologies and Methodologies Metabolic Assessment of Inflammation-Induced Dysbiosis in Colitis

Cuong Nguyen, PhD
Infectious Diseases & PathologyVeterinary Medicine2014Novel Technologies and Methodologies Antibody Therapy Based on Massive Analysis of Paired TCR Chains of TH17 Cells
in Sjögren’s Syndrome using Microengraving

Lucia Notterpek, PhD
NeuroscienceMedicine2014Novel Technologies and Methodologies Myelination by Adult Human iPS Cell-Derived Schwann Cells

Glyn Palmer, PhD
Orthopaedics & RehabilitationMedicine2014 Novel Technologies and Methodologies Conditionally Active Reporter Gene Vectors for Measuring Stem Cell Based Chondrogenesis in Cartilage Repair Applications

Hyochol "Brian" Ahn, PhD
Adult and Elderly NursingNursing2013ClinicalPredictors of Clinical Pain Intensity in Asian Americans with Knee Osteoarthritis

Guohua An, MD, PhD
PharmaceuticsPharmacy2013ClinicalExplore the Synergy of Combination TKI Therapy – A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Effect of Imatinib on Dasatinib Pharmacokinetics in Healthy Volunteers

Barry Byrne, MD, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2013ClinicalAssessment of Cardiopulmonary Function in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, PharmD
Pharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2013ClinicalThe Effect of Low Furanocoumarin Grapefruit Hybrid Juice Consumption on
Midazolam Pharmacokinetics

Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, PhD
Community Dentistry and Behavioral ScienceDentistry2013Clinical Cortico-Striatal Connectivity in Predicting Clinical OA-related Pain

David Fedele, PhD
Clinical and Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions2013ClinicalSecondhand and Thirdhand Smoke Exposure in Children with Asthma

Charlene Krueger, PhD
Women, Children and FamilyNursing2013ClinicalMaternal Voice as a Regulator of Neurobehavioral Development in Preterm Infants

Catherine Price, PhD
Clinical and Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions2013Clinical Before Dementia: Validating PD Cognitive Profiles Substudy: White Matter Connectivity and PD Cognitive Phenotypes

Joseph Riley III, PhD
Community Dentistry and Behavioral ScienceDentistry2013Clinical Differences in Pain Sensitivity and Modulation Across the Lifespan: Mechanisms of Action

Kimberly Sibille, PhD
Community Dentistry and Behavioral ScienceDentistry2013ClinicalOptimizing Chronic Pain Treatment with Enhanced Neuroplastic Responsiveness

Michael Byrne, DO
Hematology & OncologyMedicine2012TraineesStratification of PKR Expression as an AML Biomarker

Jason Gravano
Clinical & Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions2012TraineesAn Investigation of Structural Connectivity in PTSD, mTBI, and PTSD/mTBI

Rena Harrington, MD
Pediatric EndocrinologyMedicine2012TraineesHypoglycemia in Prader-Willi Syndrome: A Pilot Study

Tanisha Hill-Jarrett, PhD
Clinical & Health PsychologyPublic Health and Health Professions2012TraineesWhite Matter Lateralization of the Parietofrontal Orienting Network as a Biomarker Predicting Degree of Attention Impairment Following Traumatic Brain Injury: Insights from Diffusion MRI Tractography

Josephine Allen, PhD
Materials Science & EngineeringEngineering2012Junior FacultyBioactive ssDNA Polymers for Directed Stem Cell Differentiation

Natalie Ebner, PhD
PsychologyLiberal Arts & Sciences2012Junior FacultyNeuro-Behavioral Effects of Oxytocin on Decisions of Trust in Aging

Thomas George, MD
Hematology & OncologyMedicine2012Junior FacultyMucosal Inflammation and Digestive Cancer Correlation Science Biorepository

Xin "Cindy" Qi, PhD
Medicinal ChemistryPharmacy2012Junior FacultyIdentification of Biomarkers to Target Breast Cancer Through Peptoid Library Screening and Microarray Technology

Stephan Schmidt, PhD
Pharmacometrics & Systems PharmacologyPharmacy2012Junior FacultyPersonalizing Antiplatelet Therapy: Development of a CYP2C19 Genotype-Directed Dosing Algorithm for Clopidogrel

Nishanth Sunny, PhD
Endocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismMedicine2012Junior FacultyTargeted Profiling of Nutrient Classes in Human Subjects with Obesity and Fatty Liver

Andrew H. Ahn, MD, PhD
NeurologyMedicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesMultimodal Brain Imaging of Pain: Novel Pathways for Targeted Therapy
Beata Clapp, DVM, PhDInfectious Diseases & PathologyVeterinary Medicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesHumanized Mouse: A Preclinical Model System to Evaluate Vaccines Against Human Brucellosis

Timothy Garrett, PhD
Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory MedicineMedicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesTargeted Metabolomics to Probe Glycolysis, Tricarboxylic Acid (TCA) Cycle and Acyl-CoA Metabolism in Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Shouguang Jin, PhD
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology,Medicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesA Novel Protein Delivery Technology for Cellular Reprogramming

Taj Azarian, MPH, PhD
EpidemiologyMedicine, Public Health and Health Profession2012TraineeUtilization of Phylogenetics as a Novel Epidemiological Tool to Investigate an Outbreak of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Sankarathi Balaiya, PhDOphthalmologyMedicine, Jacksonville2012TraineeTargeting Sirtuins for Diabetic Retinopathy
Ellie Chan, MDHematology and OncologyMedicine2012TraineeA Pilot Study to Determine cMet Expression and other Genomic Resistance Patterns in Response to Chemoradiotherapy in Patients with Esophageal Adenocarcinom

Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, PhD, MSPH
Oral BiologyDentistry2012TraineeSaliva as an Alternative to Plasma to Measure Biomarkers Associated with Pain Mechanisms

Chen Ling, PhD
PediatricsMedicine2012TraineeTreatment for Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Hepatoblastoma Based on Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus Serotype 3 Vectors

Andrew D. Smith, DVM
Large Animal SurgeryVeterinary Medicine2012TraineeMagnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in an Experimental Equine Model of Osteoarthritis Treated with Self-Complementary Adeno-associated Virus-mediated Delivery of Equine Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein

Philip A. Efron, MD
Acute Care SurgeryMedicine2012Junior FacultyEmergency Myelopoeisis in Human Trauma and Sepsis

Joseph Larkin III, PhD
Microbiology and Cell ScienceAgricultural and Life Sciences2012Junior FacultyThe Role of Suppressors of Cytokine Signaling in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Romina Lomónaco, MD
EndocrinologyMedicine2012Junior FacultyA Metabolomic Approach for the Discovery of Novel Biomarkers in Patients with NASH

Michael Leland Stellefson, PhD
Health Education and BehaviorHealth and Human Performance2012Junior FacultyDesign and Feasibility Testing of Patientflix.com for COPD Self-Management Education

Catherine Striley, PhD, MSW, MPE
EpidemiologyMedicine, Public Health and Health Professions2012Junior FacultyComorbidity and Diagnostic Communication Preferences among Patients with Movement Disorders

Brian L. Hoh, MD
NeurosurgeryMedicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesEffect of CYP2C19 Polymorphism and/or P2Y12 Residual Platelet Reactivity on Risk of Ischemic Stroke or TIA in Patients with Symptomatic Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease Treated with Clopidogrel (Plavix)

Mansour Mohamadzadeh, PhD
Infectious Diseases and PathologyVeterinary Medicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesInduction of Immune Regulation by L. acidophilus

Lyle L. Moldawer, PhD
SurgeryMedicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesValidation of a Genomics-Based Prognostic in Severe Trauma

Carolynn Patten, PhD
Physical TherapyPublic Health and Health Professions2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesNovel Techniques to Study Corticospinal Tract Function During Walking

Naohiro Terada, MD, PhD
Immunology and Laboratory MedicineMedicine2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesGeneration of Disease-Affected Cell Types from Patient iPS Cells for Clinical Translational Research

Deborah Treise, PhD
Graduate StudiesCollege of Journalism and Communications2012Novel Methods and TechnologiesPredictors of the Efficacy of CDC Recommendations for Prevention and Spread of Infection

Christopher R. Cogle, MD
Hematology/OncologyMedicine2011Community EngagementEstablishment of a Joint Program for Discovery and Development of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovatons in Hematologic Malignancies

Melanie Sberna Hinojosa, PhD
Child Health PolicyMedicine2011Community Engagement
Amy Tobler, MPH, PhDAddiction Research and EducationMedicine2011Community Engagement

Azra Bihorac, MD
Nephrology, Hypertension, & Renal TransplantationMedicine2011Cohort Identification Using the Integrated Data RepositoryData Base Communications Enable Machine Learning Classifiers to Predict Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury
Susan Nayfield, MD, MScAging and Geriatric ResearchMedicine2011Cohort Identification Using the Integrated Data RepositoryComorbidity Indices and Disability: Targeting Recruitment for Aging Research
Vijay C. AntharamInfectious Diseases and Global MedicineMedicine2011TraineeProbiotics as Treatment for Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI)
Tiffany M. Day, MDPediatricsMedicine2011TraineeFunctional magnetic Imaging Assessment of Appetite after Initiation of Metaformin: A Pilot Study

Emily J. Fox, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS
Physical TherapyPublic Health and Health Professions2011TraineeExciting Kids to Walk: Game Technology to Enhance Sensory Input and Promote Walking Recovery

Ki Park, MD
CardiologyMedicine2011TraineeWomen’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (WISE) and Women take Heart (WTH) Studies Bank
Robert William RegenhardtNeurologyMedicine2011TraineeAngiotensin (1-7) and Hypertension-Induced Hemorrhagic Stroke
Elizabeth L. Stegemoller, PhDApplied Physiology and KinesiologyHealth and Human Performance2011TraineeThe Effects of Disease Progression on Rate-Dependant Impairments in Repetitive Finger Movements in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
Soonkyu Chung, PhDFood Science and Human NutritionAgricultural and Life Sciences2011Junior FacultyMolecular Mechanisms of Brown-Like Adipocyte Differentiation in Human White Adipose Tissue
Christopher A. Harle, PhD, MS

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and PolicyPublic Health and Health Professions2011Junior FacultyDesigning an Information System for Conducting Community-Based Trials on People’s Health Insurance

Darlene A. Kertes, PhD
PsychologyLiberal Arts & Sciences2011Junior FacultyTranslational Research on Epigenetic Regulation of HPA Stress Responses

Kevin P. Fennelly, MD, MPH
PathologyMedicine2011Novel Methods and TechnologiesA Diagnostic Test of Infectiousness in Tuberculosis
Mark H. Lewis, PhDPsychiatryMedicine2011Novel Methods and TechnologiesA Novel Method for Identification of Pathway Specific Neurons of Populations
Mattia Prosperi, PhDEpidemiologyPublic Health and Health Professions2011Novel Methods and TechnologiesSolving the Puzzle of Quasispecies Reconstruction Using Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
Emily Plowman Prine, PhD, CCC-SLPSpeech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Public Health and Health Professions2009TraineeDevelopment of an Electrical Strategy to Propagate Neurogenesis in Upstream and Downstream Basal Ganglia

Azra Bihorac, MD
NephrologyMedicine2009Junior FacultyData Base Communications Enable Machine Learning Classifiers to Predict Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury
Ginger Clark, MD, MSGastroenterologyMedicine2009Junior FacultyAssessment of Liver Test Abnormalities in Adults with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
Peter P. Sayeski, PhDPhysiology and Functional GenomicsMedicine2009Novel TechnologiesIn Vivo Characterization of a Novel Jak2 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor for the Treatment of Jak2-Mediated Human Pathologies
Mark D. Tillman, PhDApplied Physiology and Kinesiology Health and Human Performance2009Novel TechnologiesWheelchair Ergonomic Hand Drive
Michael Haller, MDPediatric EndocrinologyMedicine2009Major InitiativesReversing Type 1 Diabetes After it is Established: A Pilot Safety and Feasibility Study of Anti-Thymocyte Globulin (Thymoglobulin) and Pegylated GCSF (Neulasta) in Established Type 1 Diabetes

Hartmut Derendorf, PhD
PharmaceuticsPharmacy2009Major InitiativesPharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling of the Psychomotor Vigilance, Go/No-Go Performance, and Electroencephalogram Effects of Armodafinil in Sleep Deprived Healthly Adults
John F. Valentine, MDGastroenterologyMedicine2009Major InitiativesGenetic and Microbial Interactions in Crohn’s Disease

Roger Fillingim, PhD
Community Dentistry and Behavioral ScienceDentistry2009Major InitiativesEffects of OA-Related Pain on Telomere Length and Telomerase Activity
Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, PhDAgingMedicine2009Major InitiativesDiaphragm Mitochondrial Dysfunction During Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation
Erin M. Dunbar, MDHematology/OncologyMedicine2009Major InitiativesPhase I, Open-Label, Single-Arm, Clinical and Metabolomic Study of Dichloroacetate DCA in Adults with Recurrent Malignant Brain Tumors
Connie J. Mulligan, PhDAnthropology Liberal Arts & Sciences2009Major InitiativesPilot Investigation of the Role of Epigenetic Methylation in Mediating Risk of Hypertension in a Study Population of African Americans in Tallahassee
Amber Van MatrePsychiatryMedicine2009TraineePharmacological Treatment of Repetitive Behavior: Targeting Adensine, Dopamine, and Glutamate Heteromeric Receptor Complexes
Benjamin Keselowsky, PhD Biomedical EngineeringEngineering2009Junior FacultyDendritic Cell Arrays for Type I Diabetes Microparticle-Based Vaccines
Baharak Moshiree, MDGastroenterologyMedicine2009Junior FacultyComparison of Two Macrolides, Azithromycin and Erythromycin, for Symptomatic Treatment of Gastroparesis
Michael Crary, PhDSpeech, Language, and Hearing SciencesPublic Health and Health Professions2009Novel TechnologiesDevelopment and Initial Validation of a Swallow Frequency Meter
Adam P. MeccaPhysiology and Functional GenomicsMedicine2008TraineeCerebroprotection via Viral-Mediated Gene Delivery of Angiotensin AT2 Receptors
Rachael WatsonOrthopaedicsMedicine2008TraineeElucidating the Role of CTGF and TGF Beta-1 in Joint Fibrosis

Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, PharmD
Pharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacy2008Junior FacultyPRARy Expression in Key Metabolic Organ Systems in Modulated by Treatment with Thiazide Diuretics and ACE Inhibition
Margaret Ribeiro-Dasilva, DDS, MS, PhDCommunity Dentistry and Behavioral ScienceDentistry2008Junior FacultyDeterminants of Pain Response in Temporomandibular Muscle and Joint Disorder (TMJD)

Timothy Garrett, PhD
Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory MedicineMedicine2008Novel TechnologiesDevelopment of MALDI Hybrid Linear Ion Trap/Time-of-Flight Imaging Mass Spectrometer

Sara Jo Nixon, PhD
Addiction Research and EducationMedicine2008Novel TechnologiesApplying Nanotechnology to Addiction Recovery
David H. Powell, PhDChemistryLiberal Arts & Sciences2008Major InitiativesA Global Metabolomic Approach to Pediatric Neuro-Metabolomic Disorders
Lakshmyya Kesavalu, MScPeriodontologyDentistry2008Major InitiativesAssociation Between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease