CTSI Biorepository: Collection, Processing, Storage and Distribution of Biospecimens

CTSI Biorepository freezer system

The mission of the CTSI Biorepository is to provide high-quality biospecimens; biospecimen processing services; and an extensively monitored storage facility. Accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the CTSI Biorepository adheres to strict standard operating procedures that are based on the current “best practice” guidelines set forth by the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) and the Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB).

The CTSI Biorepository was created in collaboration between the CTSI and Department of Pathology to provide extensive biobanking infrastructure and services to support translational research conducted by investigators at the University of Florida and beyond. The CTSI Biorepository has been actively providing a wide variety of services including tissue procurement, sample processing and sample storage under an existing IRB-approved protocol.

Current Services

  • Biospecimen Library: Remnant specimens collected with informed consent and made available to any investigator with appropriate IRB approval.
    • Fresh-frozen tissue samples: Tumor and matching normal from same patient, same organ
    • Mirror image FFPE blocks of fresh-frozen tissue samples: Tumor and matching normal from same patient, same organ
    • Corresponding blood/ blood derivatives: Plasma, Serum, Buffy Coat, whole blood
    • Retrospective and prospective specimen procurement services
    • Approx. 18,200 currently available samples in Biorepository Library
  • Secure specimen storage facility
    • Extensive range of storage options, from ambient to -minus 80 C
    • Freezer back-up systems- CO2 backup on all freezers
    • Multiple, independent monitoring systems: Sensaphone monitoring system and REES Scientific virtual monitoring system.
    • Specimen processing services
    • Blood, tissue, CSF, etc.
  • Comprehensive clinical trial specimen management
    • Custom kit building (study specific tubes, supplies, instructions)
    • Sample receipt, reconciliation and storage
    • Sample distribution and shipping
    • Complete cradle-to-grave sample tracking including chain of custody, aliquoting, freeze-thaw cycles, etc.

Location & Contact

The CTSI Biorepository is co-located on the sixth floor of the Medical Sciences Building in room M641.

For questions or to arrange a tour, contact Erin Kelly (erin.l.kelly@ufl.edu, 352-273-6138) or Amer Abouhamze (amer@ufl.edu, 352-273-9498).

For additional details and service request forms, visit biorepository.pathology.ufl.edu.

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