Helpful Resources

Tools to assist investigators with planning, advertising and recruiting for studies.

For information and recommendations specific to your study, please request a consultation.

Plan Your Study

Successful recruitment begins with a thorough recruitment plan and feasibility analysis.

UF Communication and Dissemination

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

UF Health Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office

UF Health i2b2

NIH Recruitment Considerations

Citizen Scientist Program

Create Materials

Guidelines and best practices for effective recruitment before submitting your materials for IRB approval.

UF IRB Advertising Guidelines

UF IRB Informed Consent Instructions

UF IRB Informed Consent Gallery

Informed Consent Guidance

CTTI Recommendations for Informed Consent

Patient Recruitment Advertising Medium Comparison

Flyer Templates

Public Flyering Map

UF IRB Phone Script Guidelines

Plain Language Medical Dictionary


CDC Public Image Library

Access Populations

Resources for finding individuals for your study.


UF IRB Consent2Share Guidelines Study Listings

Fun 4 Gators Clinical Trials & Research Study Listing

UF IRB Alachua County School Guidelines


UF IRB Mechanical Turk Guidelines

Integrate Special Populations

Consider how to make research findings more applicable to all.

Engage, Recruit and Retain Women in Clinical Research

Tips and Tools for Successful Research Recruitment

Provide Compensation

Appropriate compensation is a major component of a successful recruitment.

UF IRB Compensation Guidelines

Human Subjects Payment

Use Social Media

Understand guidelines and methods for recruiting using Facebook and other social platforms.

UF Studies Facebook Page

Does Social Media Recruitment Make Senses for Your Trial?

Facebook Ad Policies