Social Media Recruitment

social media for study and research recruitment

Organic & paid advertising campaigns for study recruitment

Advertising campaigns for study recruitment are available through the UF Studies Facebook page. If you are interested in using social media for study recruitment or recruitment assistance beyond social media, please complete this form to schedule a consultation with Recruitment Center Manager, Dr. Elizabeth Flood-Grady.

Study Recruitment News & Case Studies

What is the CTSI Recruitment Center?

Thanks to the UF Institutional Review Board, Dr. Elizabeth Flood-Grady had an opportunity to present the CTSI Recruitment Center services and…

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New institutional social media guidelines…

Updated social media guidelines have been posted online on the UF Office of Research website, as of Dec. 20, 2021. This document offers general…

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Social media campaigns for study recruitment…

During the pandemic, paid social media campaigns managed through the Recruitment Center were put on pause. This fall, we resumed this service under…

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Best Practices

Format images for social media dissemination


Use images that are diverse and reflect the target audience (i.e., who you want to participate).

If recruiting multiple cohorts (e.g., older and younger adults; African Americans and South Asians), be sure images are inclusive and reflect all prospective participants cohorts.

If embedding text on an image, use fonts that can easily be seen or read on a mobile device (i.e., avoid publishing study flyers as the image for the recruitment post because the text will be too small)

briefly describe your study for prospective participants

Text-based content

In a few words, describe the target audience (e.g., Adults over the age of 50 who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes; African American or Black women who are between 35-75 years of age and have breast cancer).

Write the goal or purpose of study in 1-2 sentences (e.g., We are looking for adults to participate in a study about pain and exercise; Researchers are looking for participants to enroll in a clinical study about turmeric and heart health).

Provide a call to action and study contact details (e.g., To participate click on the link and complete the screener; Call 352-555-5555 or send an email (insert email) to speak with Jessica about enrolling in the study).

Include other appeals, such as information about incentives or how participating could benefit the community, as appropriate.