Research Participant Advocate


Do you need assistance planning for the protection of the validity and integrity of your research data? Want training for your staff or research participants about applicable ethical principles, regulations and guidelines? Are you a research participant who has questions?

Contact the CTSI Research Participant Advocate.

The mission of the Research Participant Advocate is to pursue risk reduction and enhancement of health and safety of volunteers in medical research, while seeking to improve the reliability of research outcomes at the University of Florida.

The goal is to promote the safety of individuals who participate in research studies supported by the CTSI, promoting subjects’ understanding of research, and ensuring professional integrity of research teams through education.

The Research Participant Advocate

  • Assists investigators to plan for protection of the validity and integrity of their research data
  • Educates all who are involved in research (including investigators, research staff, trainees, and human subjects) about applicable ethical principles, regulations and guidelines related to research, and
  • Helps them to apply those principles and regulations during their studies.

The Research Participant Advocate reviews studies considered by the Scientific Advisory Committee, ensuring regulatory and ethical principles for human subject protections, with inclusion of prospective strategies to evaluate each study’s progress, protecting the validity and integrity of the data. The Research Participant Advocate also plays an important part in protecting the welfare and safety of research participants by ensuring that each study has a Data and Safety Monitoring Plan.


H. Robert Kolb
(352) 273-8882