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Collect your study data offline

REDCap has gone mobile! The REDCap Mobile App adds a new dimension to the existing software’s versatility by providing users with a tool for offline data collection, particularly in environments with poor internet connectivity.

REDCap users can now collect their REDCap data in a mobile app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. With REDCap and the REDCap Mobile App, users have new options for electronic data capture for studies that under previous circumstances would have dictated pen and paper.

The app cannot be used on its own but is a companion app that must be used alongside REDCap itself. All users of the app must already be a REDCap user before using the app.

 How do I get started?

  1. Create and design project on your desktop REDCap installation.
  2. Request API token via REDCap to activate the Mobile App and get token.
  3. Set up project. While online, set up the project on the app using a code provided in REDCap.
  4. Collect data from participants. This can be done offline, or online (if internet access becomes available).
  5. Send affected data to the REDCap server securely. New records are sent as a package; modified records have their values adjudicated against existing server values.The app user will then be given a chance to refresh the project. This step must be done online.
  6. View and analyze data. Once the data is uploaded to REDCap, it is a living part of the project.

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Want to learn more about what the REDCap Mobile App has to offer? Check out the REDCap Mobile App Documentation.