REDCap Pricing

REDCap Pricing banner


Available to all UF/UF Health employees at no cost:

  • Introduction to REDCap course (class offerings are listed on the myTraining website)
  • Access to the REDCap software
  • Access to instructional User Guides
  • REDCap online training resources
  • 1 hour of initial consultation per project
  • 1 hour of quality review when your project is submitted for Production
  • Grant and IRB support letters



Available to all UF/UF Health employees & external users:

  • Project builds and configuration services
  • Assistance with complex branching logic or calculations
  • Survey configuration
  • Hands-on user training
  • Customized reports
  • Project-specific plug-ins, hooks, or customizations


Please contact the CTS-IT department to get a quote for:

  • Data transformation and data imports
  • Automated importing of EPIC data into a REDCap project
  • Stand-alone REDCap instances (needed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance or FISMA compliance)