REDCap Training

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Training is available through a variety of mechanisms here at the University of Florida; trainings are announced through the REDCap-all Listserv that all registered users are subscribed to.

Online Training Videos

Online Training Videos are provided by the REDCap Consortium and are available to all. These videos provide users the necessary information to get started as well as a standing reference library to refer to while creating your project.

University of Florida REDCap Class

This is a recorded Introduction to REDcap class. This class is no longer offered through MyTraining.

This training will help you begin your REDCap project and gain a better understanding of the REDCap application and its functionality.

About the Introduction to REDCap Lecture

This lecture and demonstration provide a basic overview of the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) system; how REDCap can speed time to database creation and deployment; best practices; and provides a general overview of its many powerful data collection and management features. This course is directed towards new users or those with little experience in using REDCap.

Meet Your Trainer

Taryn Stoffs

Taryn Stoffs

Taryn is originally from Michigan but moved to Gainesville with her parents when she was young. She attended Gainesville High School, Santa Fe College and the University of Florida, double majoring in Political Science and Environmental Science. She continued her graduate education at U.F., earning an MS Degree in Interdisciplinary Ecology, with a concentration in Environmental Engineering.

Besides protecting the environment, Taryn is passionate about saving animals, craft beer, traveling, hiking and considers herself a movie buff. She is currently owned by three felines.