REDCap User Guides

Getting Started

Creating a REDCap Account User Guide

Project Set Up User Guide

Steps for Making Changes to a Project in Production User Guide

Optional Modules and Customizations User Guide

Building Guides

Branching Logic in REDCap User Guide

Calculated Fields User Guide

Assigning User Rights Guidance and Troubleshooting User Guide

Using the Matrix of Fields Field Type in REDCap User Guide

Repeating Instruments and Events User Guide

Data Entry/Surveys

Data Entry for Longitudinal Projects in REDCap User Guide

Creating and Distributing a Single Survey User Guide

Modules Help

Creating a Customize Report in REDCap User Guide

Exporting Data from REDCap User Guide

File Repository Guidance User Guide

Assigning User Rights: Guidance and Troubleshooting User Guide


Custom Record Status Dashboard Plugin User Guide

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