REDCap User Guides

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Getting Started

Creating a REDCap Account

REDCap Account Setup guide How to register for a REDCap account or to change the email or name associated with your account.

Project Setup Page

REDCap Project Setup guideThis guide describes REDCap’s Project Setup page, which contains the checklist of items to be completed before moving the project into Production (going live).


Making Changes to a Project in Production

REDCap Making Changes guide This guide describes how to make changes to your project once it’s in production and best practices for making database changes.

Optional Modules and Customizations

REDCap Optional Modules and Customizations guide This guide describes all of the features found in the Optional Modules and Customizations header under the Project Setup page, such as repeatable instruments and events, auto-numbering for records, the randomization module, designating an email field to use for survey invitations and setting a custom record label.


Project Creation User Guide

REDCap Project Creation guide Covers how to create a new project, how to add or edit data fields, field types available and branching logic and piping.

Deleting a Project in REDCap

REDCap Deleting a Project guide REDCap is primarily a data collection tool and is not intended for long-term storage of study data, especially if it contains PHI. This guide describes how to delete a project from REDCap so that is does not remain on the REDCap servers indefinitely.


Updating Project Ownership, PI Info and IRB #

REDCap Update Project Ownership guide It may be necessary to update the PI Name, IRB Number or Project Ownership information due to staff changes. This guide describes how to update the Project Owner, PI information and IRB Number in REDCap.

Building Guides

Using Branching Logic

REDCap Branching Logic guide This guides describes how to format and apply branching logic, also known as skip logic, to questions using the Online Designer method to build a database in REDCap.

Using Calculated Fields

REDCap Calculated Fields guide This guide describes how to create and format calculated fields, such as BMI, using height and weight fields and a subject’s age using two date fields.


User Rights

REDCap Assigning User Rights guide How to add new users to our study or change the permissions of an existing user.

Using the Matrix of Fields

REDCap Matrix of Fields guide This guide describes what a Matrix of Fields is and how to create one in REDCap.


Repeating Instruments and Events

REDCap Repeating Instruments and Events guide REDCap has the ability to repeat a data collection instrument or an entire event of instruments an unlimited number of times without having to specify the amount needed.


REDCap eConsenting guide How to use REDCap to administer electronic Informed Consents. eConsents must be set up as described in this guide to meet UF IRB eConsent requirements.


Action Tags

Action Tags Action Tags provide a way to customize the data entry experience for surveys and forms. They are special terms that begin with the ‘@’ sign that can be placed inside a field’s Field Annotation box when adding or editing a field. Each action tag has a corresponding action that is performed for the field when displayed on data entry forms and survey pages.

Data Entry and Surveys

Longitudinal Data Entry

REDCap Data Entry for Longitudinal Projects guide This guide describes how to enter data into a project that is collecting data longitudinally.

Creating and Distributing a Single Survey

REDCap Single Survey guide This guide describes how to create and distribute a single survey, methods for collecting anonymous and non-anonymous survey data, how to set up longitudinal survey collection and how to get notified when a participant submits a survey.


Distributing Multiple REDCap Surveys

REDCap Surveys guide This flowchart describes the ways you can send out multiple surveys to participants at one time point or longitudinally, either using the Public Survey URL (anonymous) or using the Participant List (not anonymous).

Modules Help

Creating a Customized Report

REDCap Creating a Customized Report guide This guide describes how to create a customized data report in REDCap.

Data Exports

REDCap Exporting Data guide This guide describes how to export your project’s data from REDCap into Excel or a statistical package, such as SPSS or SAS.


Using the File Repository

REDCap File Repository Guidance Document guide This application may be used for storing and retrieving project files and documents, such as a blank copy of your consent forms or data entry guides. You may upload files here to save for retrieval later or download previously uploaded files. After a data export, the resulting data and syntax files are stored here also.

Randomization Module

REDCap Randomization Module guide The randomization module in REDCap will help you implement a pre-defined randomization model within your project, allowing you to randomize your subjects (i.e. records in your project). This guide describes how to set up and use the Randomization Module within REDCap.



Twilio-REDCap Setup

Twilio guide REDCap has the capability to send SMS text messages to survey respondents by using a third-party web service named Twilio. In this way, you could invite a participant to take a survey by sending them an SMS message instead of an email invitation.

REDCap Mobile App Setup

REDCap Mobile App guide The REDCap Mobile App adds a new dimension to the software’s versatility by providing users with a tool for offline data collection when an internet connection is not available.


Linear Data Entry Workflow

Linear Data Entry Workflow guide This REDCap external module forces a linear data entry workflow across REDCap forms and events by removing access to any form which does not immediately follow the last completed form. This module also prevents users from marking a form as “Complete” if any of the required fields on a form are blank, thereby blocking access to the next form until all required fields have data in them. Additionally, LDEW can be configured to automatically lock forms upon completion for certain user roles.

Form Render Skip Logic

Form Render Skip Logic guide This REDCap external module functions as branching/skip logic for entire REDCap forms and surveys. It provides a means for hiding or displaying entire forms/surveys based upon one or more control fields or conditions. FRSL hides unneeded forms for a specific record on the list of Data Collection Instruments due at each event, and grays out the colored buttons for the unneeded forms on the Record Status Dashboard and the Record Home Page.


Save Survey PDF to a Field

Save survey to PDF guide This REDCap external module generates a PDF of a survey upon completion and automatically saves it to a file upload field within that subject’s record. It is configured at the project level with source instrument (survey) / target field (file upload) pairs. In the event of save errors, the PDF is sent to a backup email address. This module is especially helpful for those using eConsenting in REDCap.