Research Showcase: Improving and Maintaining Memory and Cognition
Jun 15 02:00pm - Jun 15 04:30pm · Online

Our brain controls our actions and cognition (also known as thinking skills). Cognition involves memory, learning, deciding, talking and listening, understanding, reasoning, questioning, planning, problem-solving, math and many more brain activities. As we grow, our natural makeup and lifestyle lead to knowing more and building stronger cognition; in the later years of life, normal aging may lead to slower, less accurate brain function. Different changes in our bodies may affect brain functions in mild ways or severe ways. What can we do to keep our many cognitive functions working their best? Join us today to learn from research experts!


2:00 - 2:15 PM: Welcome & Introduction, Shirley Bloodworth

2:15 - 3:00 PM: Glenn E. Smith, PhD, ABPP, Professor and Chair, University of Florida Dept. of Clinical and Health Psychology, College of Public Health and Health Professions, “Mild Cognitive Impairment: What it is and what to do about it?”

3:00 - 3:45 PM: Natalie C. Ebner, PhD, Professor, Research Foundation Professorship 2019-2022, UF Dept. of Psychology, “Oxytocin and Aging”

3:45 - 4:30 PM:Adam J. Woods, PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Director, Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory (CAM), McKnight Brain Institute, UF Dept. of Clinical and Health Psychology, “The Augmenting Cognitive Training in Older Adults (ACT) Study”

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Sponsored by CCOA (Community Coalition for Older Adults) Hosted by Gainesville Senior Recreation Center Support from HealthStreet, the University of Florida, The Village of Gainesville, and the League of Women Voters. All comments and feedback welcome.Please contact: Shirley Bloodworth, Co-Chair, CCOA Learn about memory and thinking skills and helping them to work well.