AI Research Catalyst Fund Seminar: “A Kernel Neural Network for High-dimensional Genomic Risk Prediction”
Dec 8 12:00pm - Dec 8 01:00pm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next horizon in computational-enabled science and technologies. Efforts to develop and apply robust AI are ongoing across almost all fields of study. Among other benefits, AI promises to revolutionize healthcare, security, transportation, education, manufacturing and the overall human experience. Algorithmic advances in machine learning (ML) along with increased computing power and the advent of “big data” have set AI up to be one of the most powerful technological forces of the 21st century.

The University of Florida has launched a major initiative to engage intellectual interest in AI with the objective of becoming a national leader in AI research and education. As part of this initiative, the AI Research Catalyst Fund is intended to jump start research and collaboration in AI and promote the use of UF’s new computing infrastructure, utilizing GPU technology on the HiPerGator research computing system with an eye towards implementation of new capabilities soon to be installed.

The AI Research Catalyst Fund Awardees are developing projects that: strive to develop new machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms; use AI/ML to develop ways of analyzing heterogeneous data or novel methods for analyzing existing datasets; introduce AI and ML to investigators with little experience in AI/ML; and address foundational issues in AI, its applications to science and engineering problems, and its impacts to society.!

Awardee Presenter

Qing Lu, PhD, Professor, Biostatistics | UF College of Medicine & UF College of Public Health and Health Professions

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Presented by the UF Informatics Institute