TL1 Application Information

Please note: Applications to the TL1 are not being accepted at this time.

All application materials must be submitted by e-mail to Wayne McCormack, PhD at

Fall 2015 Deadlines

April 2 – Letter of intent due
June 4 – New and renewal applications due
(June) – Finalist interviews
June 25 – New TL1 Scholars to be announced

Answers to submitters’ questions

I will need to submit my application early. Can I turn in my section this week and then request that my mentors turn in their documents to you by the deadline? Or, do you prefer that all documents be submitted together?

You can certainly submit your section early and please be sure that someone you trust follows-up with the mentors for their documents (we can’t take the responsibility of assuring that your packet is complete).

Do you prefer that documents are combined into 1-2 PDF files or in several smaller files?

You can submit one or several PDFs. Whichever is easier. Please be sure all file names include the student applicant’s name so we know which files go together, e.g., LastName-FirstName-TL1Application.pdf, LastName-FirstName-BasicMentorLetter.pdf.

The application does not indicate how to handle references. Can these be attached as an addendum or do you require that they are included in the page limits?

Reference citations should be included at the end of the research proposal, but they will NOT count in the page limits. Don’t make them a separate attachment.

Is a specific reference style required?

Any reference style that uses complete citation information is fine.