Spotlight: Translational Drug Development Core

The Translational Drug Development (TDD) Core performs pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies of new chemical entities, as well as natural products, to facilitate movement into advanced preclinical studies and ultimately real-world applications. Director Christopher R. McCurdy, Ph.D., FAAPS, assistant director Abhisheak Sharma, M. Pharm., Ph.D., and the TDD Core staff work with and understand the restrictions and timeliness of working with intellectual property. The TDD Core provides researchers investigating therapeutically active compounds and products with consultations, expertise in licensing submissions, laboratory (DMPK) and bioanalytical services. If your research program is seeking guidance and leadership in drug development, the TDD Core is a valuable resource available to you. If you have questions or to schedule a consultation, please contact Danielle Sevier, Au.D., at or 352.273.6300

translational drug development core

Creating new therapeutic interventions

The TDD core lab allows for researchers to study and prepare investigational drugs for FDA submission.

pharmacy lab with staff sitting at computers