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LRP Workshop – Wednesday, September 26

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location:   C2-33 Communicore Building

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The LRP Ambassador Program is a network of former and current
LRP awardees that promote the NIH LRPs within their local extraural scientific community.
To learn more about the LRPsAmbassador Badge from an applicant in your area,check out the LRP Ambassador
Network and search the directory:




ambassador_Ben Lewis_Headshot_croppedJohn Lewis, PhD
LRP Ambassador, LRP (2011-2013)
Research Interest: Addiction Science, Cognitive Psychology, Psychopharmacology
The NIH Loan Repayment Program helped mitigate the psychological and financial burdens of student loans after graduate school, allowing greater focus toward my postdoctoral studies. The program was easy to apply for and well worth the effort. I strongly recommend all eligible trainees apply. I'm pleased to act as a program ambassador and happy to share my experience with potential applicants.
Amber M. Muehlmann, MS, PhD, MBA
LRP Ambassador
Research Interest: The role of basal ganglia circuitry dysfunction as it relates to maladaptive behaviors that are phenotypic for psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders
As an LRP Ambassador, I share information about the program in all presentations that I give to students, trainees, and residents. I am also available to speak to anyone interested in learning more about the program and to provide guidance for their applications.

LRP Ambassador_HoffmanBrad E. Hoffman, PhD
LRP Ambassador
Research Interest: Immunology, gene therapy, autoimmune disease
LRPCuong Nguyen, PhD
LPR Ambassador
Research Interest: Sjogren's syndrome, Zika virus and kidney disease
falkDarin J. Falk, PhD
LRP Ambassador
Research Interest: The major interest is to determine the primary mechanism by which respiratory muscles display decreased activation or force-generating capacity in models of neuromuscular disease.
Yenisel_LRPYenisel Cruz-Almeida, MSPH, PhD
LRP Ambassador
LRP reviewer for Clinical Research
Research Interest: My research interests are to elucidate the underlying nervous system mechanisms associated with increased clinical pain in older adults that impacts cognitive and physical function. This area of interest stems from my previous multidisciplinary research training in the fields of Neuroscience and Epidemiology.