Data Analysis


The CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Program (BERD) offers data analysis services for clinical and translational science studies. The service is provided as a collaborative effort among BERD faculty.

Data analysis is available for:

  1. Funded grants where the budget includes a component for data analysis by a faculty member who is listed at a level of 10% FTE or higher
  2. Other analytic needs for projects that have not made a commitment for BERD faculty to do the analysis as a Co-Investigator. The presumption is that the data management will have been done in cooperation with BERD, and that the analysts will receive the data in a form ready for analysis.

Grant Work

Depending upon the role, faculty involvement will vary. Faculty appointed to grants at 10% FTE or higher will have major participation in the analyses. Faculty appointed below 10% FTE will have oversight of the BERD or PI’s Master’s-level biostatistician.


Senior Consultant Analyst: Advanced statistical consulting services requiring a Ph.D.-level statistician, including experimental design, power and sample-size calculations, specialized analysis, interpretation of results and manuscript review. $200/hr

Student Analyst: Services requiring a Master’s level statistical analyst or statistical programmer can be obtained at a charge of $125 per hour. Student assignment would be made after approval by the BERD faculty.

Before beginning work, BERD will provide a cost estimate and verify funding with the principal investigator of the study. BERD biostatisticians and CTSI staff will be responsible for managing work flow to ensure timely delivery of services, drafting invoices to collect payment for those services and following up to ensure payment is received.

Note: Coverage for the first hour of meeting with BERD faculty can be obtained via a voucher.

Students, post-docs and other young faculty can apply for a voucher covering up to eight hours of consulting support if they have no other support to pay for the charges. TRACTS, TL1 and KL2 scholars are especially encouraged to contact Dr. Xue.


Dr. Wei Xue




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