Qualitative Research Collaboration


The CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Program (BERD) is developing a Qualitative Research Collaboration to link researchers conducting health-related research with experienced qualitative researchers from across the UF campus when study designs (including mixed methods) call for qualitative research components.

Faculty with expertise in qualitative research from several disciplines welcome the opportunity to discuss and develop collaborative partnerships with both novice and experienced health-related researchers and contribute to the development and implementation of qualitative research methods during the project design phase.

The goal is to develop collaborative partnerships between health-related researchers and those with qualitative expertise in the design and implementation of research projects by being actively involved in the project from conception to conclusion.

Qualitative Research Design and Grant Proposal Collaborations

Rigorous qualitative research requires expertise in qualitative theory, research design, and methods including data collection and analysis. Faculty are available for collaboration on projects employing qualitative study design and can assist in defining study aims and research questions, choosing the appropriate method(s), and developing a rigorous plan for data collection and analysis.

Grant proposals must include appropriate funding for implementation, training, and data collection and analysis. The percent FTE will be negotiated during proposal development and consultation stages of the collaboration.

Suggested role assignment by FTE on a grant:
30%+ PI or Co-PI
10% – 29.9% Key Investigator (Co-PI or Co-I)
5% – 9.9% Co-Investigator (limited involvement)
<5% Consultant

For grant submissions with a qualitative research component, please be sure to contact possible collaborators as soon as possible. An updated list of UF faculty with qualitative research expertise is under development.

Qualitative Research Resources

Selected Qualitative Research Courses at UF

  • EDF 6475: Qualitative Foundations of Educational Research
  • EDF 7483: Qualitative Data Collection
  • EDF 7479: Qualitative Data Analysis
  • NGR 6815: Foundations of Qualitative Research in Health
  • NGR 7814: Qualitative Field Methods for Health-Related Research
  • PHC 6937: Special Topics: Qualitative Data Analysis

 Other Resources


For more information about the opportunities and resources described on this page, please contact Wei Xue, qiangxue@phhp.ufl.edu

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