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Print Materials


Creating a flyer for an event or other promotion

First, do you need to create a flyer? Or is it an email that you need to create?

The flyers in this section are to be used for physical distribution, such as posting to a community board or passing out in a class. If you do not intend to physically print the document, it is likely you need a digital publication rather than a paper flyer. For example, if you plan to email your flyer to a listserv or include it in a newsletter, it is better to include that information within the body of the email rather than attaching a PDF flyer to an email. Please visit the digital materials page for email and other digital templates and tips.

If it is a physical flyer you need, create a free account in the design program Canva to access the flyers below.

Questions on how to use Canva? Try out one of their tutorials.

Don’t forget to check out all of the templates Canva offers, too! You can integrate the suggested colors and fonts on any Canva design.

print materials

Request Printed Materials about the CTSI

You might need to print copies of CTSI flyers for an event or other physical distribution. Contact CTSI communications to request updated print materials for your event.

Academic poster

The templates below can be used to assist in poster creation. The posters are created in PowerPoint and are 60′ x 36′. They include the UF logo, CTSI logo and CTSI funding text in the footer. Detailed instructions within the poster template can help to maximize effective presentation of your research. The three versions below provide flexibility for the various types and sizes of charts, graphics and text you might want to include; for example, the three-column versions provide room in the center column for wider charts.

Template guidelines and tips

  • You may find it easier to write out content in Word, then copy/paste into the poster according to the instructions.
  • The columns are adjustable. You are not limited to the columns in the template.
  • These templates use varying types of the Franklin Gothic font. While this font is recommended, the template allows you to change the font. Sans serif fonts such as Arial are best for posters.
  • Do not make font size any smaller than 20 pt. Smaller font sizes are difficult to read. If you are having trouble fitting your content, focus on the following:
    • What information is most essential to the reader?
    • Can you use bulleted lists instead of paragraphs?
    • Try to keep each section 200 words and under. You can find a helpful guide here.
  • Avoid adding too many logos. If you need to add additional logos, try to find ones with a white background and use the PowerPoint guidelines to line them up. Keep logos in the header.
  • If you need to change the poster size, go to “Design”, “Slide Size” and change dimensions. When prompted, select “Ensure Fit”.

Printing your poster

The CTSI has limited printing capability for CTSI-affiliated faculty, trainees and staff who need to print a few copies of flyers or posters. If you wish to print a poster, please email CTSI Data Management Analyst Brian Fischbach at least a week before you need the poster printed. We can print posters at widths of 36 inches or less from PDF files.

The following services are available to help print your poster:


Many online resources can help you create your poster.

Digital Materials

UF CTSI PowerPoint

Are you planning to give a presentation? Two PowerPoint templates below are optimized for use on standard or wide screens. Inquire with your venue ahead of time as to which format you should use. Both templates already include essential CTSI funding text. The fonts included in this template are available by default in Microsoft programs. Within the template, you will find tips for using the template.

Once you’ve drafted content for your presentation, you may be able to reuse it on the web, in email newsletters, or other communications. We can also embed your presentation in a page on the CTSI website if it meets criteria.

UF+FSU CTSA Hub PowerPoint templates

Use the below PowerPoint templates for presentations focused on the UF-FSU Clinical and Translational Science Award hub, for example, work involving collaboration with Florida State University teams.

Zoom Backgrounds