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CTSI Connect: Facilitating Research Collaborations and Resources

Your front door to research excellence

Welcome to CTSI Connect, a dynamic initiative designed to streamline and enhance the research process for investigators and research staff. Whether you're seeking collaborative research opportunities, navigating regulatory challenges, or in need of essential resources for your research, CTSI Connect is your all-in-one front door to research excellence.

CTSI connect

Why CTSI Connect?

Fragmented resources and regulatory barriers can hinder the research process. That’s why we developed CTSI Connect – our central gateway connecting researchers to vital resources, facilitating collaborations, and supporting the conduct of innovative single and multi-institutional clinical trials. CTSI Connect will help streamline translational research, here’s how:

Front door intake

CTSI Connect uses a user-friendly intake system designed to create a seamless and straightforward way for researchers to initiate collaborations, access regulatory support and engage with CTSI’s diverse range of services.

Study feasibility assessment

Our expert committee can conduct reviews using a range of tools and resources, including cohort discovery tools, study endpoint simulations, site PI and site identification, community consultation studios and citizen scientists’ assessments.

Design Studios

Our monthly Design Studios bring together researchers, experts from the CTSI cores, Community Advisory Board members, HealthStreet participants and Citizen Scientists to discuss proposed research topics, study design and outcomes.  

Project management

Project management leaders act as a cornerstone for researchers, offering strategic oversight and expertise in navigating the complexities of translational and clinical research initiatives. Whether you’re an early-stage investigator or pilot awardee, we’re here to support you throughout the research life cycle.

Site activation

Through strategic coordination and regulatory support, CTSI Connect plays a vital role in overcoming implementation barriers, enabling researchers to swiftly move forward with both single and multi-institutional clinical trials.

Regulatory support

CTSI Connect is designed to address and overcome barriers related to the regulatory landscape in clinical research. Our team of experts can help navigate complex regulatory requirements and ensure compliance for both single and multi-institutional clinical trials.

How it works

What to expect

To help ensure seamless integration for our researchers, CTSI Connect will be implemented in phases. Here is what to expect:

Phase One Beginning in February 2024, CTSI Connect will start its introductory phase on the CTSI website, setting the stage for broader implementation for pilot and training grant applications.

Phase Two In March 2024, our focus shifts to streamlining our individual intake forms into CTSI Connect, with the goal of having all service requests processed through CTSI Connect by the end of the month.

Phase Three In April 2024, CTSI Connect makes its campus-wide debut. We’ll clarify what sets our front-door service apart from our research peers across UF’s academic health landscape and open new doors for collaboration.

Meet our team

project management lead

Elizabeth “Mendy” Dunn

Chief Operations Officer | UF CTSI

Mendy Dunn Headshot

project management lead

Brittney Roth Manning

Director of Research and Operations | OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network

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Get started with CTSI Connect

CTSI Connect is your gateway to seamless research excellence! Connect is the all-in-one front door to the myriad research services offered at the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Streamlining access, fostering collaboration, and enhancing efficiency, this innovative service ensures a unified and comprehensive approach to elevate your research endeavors.

Note: We are launching CTSI connect with pilot and training grant applicants. If you are currently a pilot or training grant applicant, start here!