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UF Health Science Center Libraries

The HSC libraries offer specialized expertise in searching and critical appraisal of the literature to researchers developing clinical and translational studies. The HSC representative to the CTSI is always available for a confidential discussion with investigators, can provide training for all research study personnel, and can match the project with the most qualified librarian.

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Based on a personalized consultation, a HSC librarian can help with:

Search strategies

HSC librarians are experts in finding and organizing information through custom search strategies. They can assist with clarifying research questions, identifying relevant databases, creating search strings, managing citations and providing tips for searching effectively.

Curated bibliographies

HSC librarians can provide valuable assistance by identifying relevant sources, evaluating them for credibility and relevance, organizing them and providing guidance on annotation.

Summarized literature reviews

In addition to source identification and organization, HSC librarians can help researchers summarize resources and key findings, and tabulate information to help with data analysis, synthesis and pattern recognition.

Systematic reviews/meta-analyses

Systematic reviews aim to identify and analyze as much existing knowledge on a specific research question as possible. HSC librarians can help by searching broadly and comprehensively, applying pre-determined inclusion/exclusion criteria, evaluating the quality of study methods and synthesizing their findings to provide generalizable evidence on the research question.

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